With Bank Fetching you can now automatically sync and download financial documents from your bank accounts into AutoEntry.

To set up Bank Fetching, click on the integration button on the company homepage, then on the 'Other Integrations' tab at the top and click 'Connect' on Bank Fetching.

After reviewing and agreeing to the Terms of Service, you can add a new bank account (also referred to as 'Extractor') by clicking the '+ Add' button and following the prompts...

i) Search for the name of the bank.

ii) Assign a name to the bank account (optional).

iii) Enter your user ID and password for that bank account.

iv) Follow any other prompts the bank might request (security questions, tokens etc).

And that's it! Your bank documents will start syncing and downloading directly into AutoEntry. 

See here for how everything works from this point.

You can also choose to disconnect from Bank Fetching altogether from the same 'Other Integrations' page - this will remove all bank accounts from the list.
(Note: whatever files that had already been downloaded into Company Files for these accounts will not be affected).

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