Finding the Location of the File in the Accounts Hosted Platform

The Reckon Accounts file can be found on either the Q:\ directly (if the user has not shared the file with other users on the service) or in a shared folder linked from the Q:\.

Scenario 1 – User has not shared the file with other users

In this case the file will be direct on the Q:\ in the Accounts Hosted Platform. To discover the path, login to Accounts Hosted here:

Once you have logged in click Launch Reckon Accounts [year] [revision].

This will begin the application within your browser. Once the application is opened go to File -> Open or Restore Company. This will open a dialog box.

Select Open a Company file (.QBW)

A typical windows open dialog will then appear.

By default, when files are uploaded by users, they are placed into the Upload folder. Users are able to move them elsewhere.


As you can see, a number of QBW files exist in this path for this particular account. Lets assume we wanted to integrate with the 900testing2.QBW file. So the file path will be


Scenario 2 – User has shared the file with other users

When a file is shared on Reckon Accounts Hosted, a file link is placed in the Q:\ for the user to be able to reach the shared location.

Lets say we wanted to integrate with a file called api500.QBW and it was shared with other users.


As you can see, there is a folder with shortcut icon called api500-042107.

However for shared files the full path is not used, instead you truncate back to the section before the hyphen (in this case api500). Therefore the file path will be:


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