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How Long are Documents Stored for on AutoEntry?
How Long are Documents Stored for on AutoEntry?

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AutoEntry stores your documents for a minimum of 7 years or as long as there is an active subscription on your account. 

This means that AutoEntry will not only eliminate your data entry but also looks after all of your filing needs! This also makes retrieving a document years later a task you can complete in seconds.

If a subscription is cancelled, AutoEntry will continue to store your data for a period of 13 additional months before the full account and all its data is deleted. You have full access to AutoEntry during this time to both use any remaining credits on the account and also to export/download any data that you may need. 

Additional Information

  • Irrespective of the reason, once the data is deleted from AutoEntry, there is no way to retrieve it. Deleted means deleted! 

  • If you need to know how to search for a specific document in AutoEntry, please follow these steps.

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