When Auto Entry is integrated with an accounts package it allows you to publish invoices directly from AutoEntry directly to your accounts software.

Once integrated, AutoEntry pulls your full list of suppliers, tax codes and category (nominal) codes for that company allowing you to set defaults within supplier settings that will be applied to all invoices processed for that supplier.

These include the settings for:

  • Tax Code
  • Category Code
  • Payment Due Date
  • Auto Publish
  • Mark as Paid and the accounts the payments are made to/from

Once set, these defaults are applied to all invoices from that supplier. If any of the defaults need to be changed for an individual invoice this can be done manually in the inbox. When the 'Remember me' option pops up, clicking 'no' means that the defaults continue to be used for all other invoices. Clicking 'yes' will make these changes the new default.

Having AutoEntry integrated provides the fastest route to inputting invoices into your accounts package.

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