Before you start scanning documents for AutoEntry, the default settings on your scanner should be checked in order to get sufficient quality.

Most scanners allow you to save a profile or default setting, it is advisable to do this so you do not have to keep changing settings on the scanner. Our recommended settings are fairly standard for any desktop or office scanner (your scanner might not have all of the below settings - apply as many as are available).

Colour - The colour setting on your scanner should be Gray Scale (or gray or true gray or similar).

  • *** Do not use Black & White *** Scans in black and white will be rejected as the extraction quality can be extremely poor.  
  • Error Diffusion off.
  • Use Colour if there is no grayscale option.
  • For poor copies (carbon copy invoices for example), full colour can be better although not a guarantee the file will not be rejected for poor scan quality. 

Resolution - This should be at 300 DPI (or nearest setting). Pages scanned below 200DPI can be rejected due to low scan quality. 

Scan/ Document Type (Text or Photo) - If you can set this to grayscale, then use grayscale. Otherwise, set it to Photo or Text/Photo.

File Type - Do not set the file type to a compressed format e.g. Compressed PDF. Use either PDF or TIFF.

Compression - Turn compression off or down to the lowest setting.

Quality - Turn quality up to the highest setting.

Image Processing - Turn down or off any image processing e.g. binarisation, thresholding, background adjustment.

See also: Notes regarding Pen Marks and Handwriting on documents that can also effect the extraction and AutoEntrys' turnaround times. 

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