From the AutoEntry home page click on the company you want to upload statements for (You cannot email bank statements to a mailbox address)

You can then click on the '+Upload' button for Bank Statements or if you are already in the Inbox, the +Upload button to the top right of the page.

A pop up upload window appears to select and submit statements:

Note the recommended scanner settings if scanning paper statements as this greatly enhances the accuracy and reduces the turnaround time for processing. (See 'Bank Statement Project' for an explanation of the projects function)

Click 'Select Bank Statements' to select the files saved on your PC. As the files are being uploaded the progress bar indicates that the file is being uploaded.

Once the upload is complete, the upload window can be closed. We now have the files and processing will start automatically.
The Activity page will show that the file has been successfully uploaded and a banner notification will appear in the Bank Statement inbox to let you know that the files have been received and are being processed:

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