When you create a company on AutoEntry you will be given two email addresses, one for the sales folder and one for purchases folder of each company based on the company name entered (Statements cannot be emailed in, only uploaded through the website). 

To find this address just go to your company settings page or click on +Upload and the address will be shown there also. To upload a purchases document send it to your purchase email and a sales document can be send using the sales email. 

AutoEntry accepts both attached files but can also extract from the body of an email too (airline confirmation email for example). You can also set AutoEntry to extract an attachment as one item (Process Email attachment as a Single Item) irrespective of it's contents in Company Settings.

*Please Note* - There is a 30MB limit for the total size of the email when using the email feature. There is no limit to the number of files attached once they do not cumulatively pass the the 30MB limit.

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