Clicking on the View icon in the Bank Statements Inbox allows you to view the extracted data from that account of uploaded file(s) along with the scanned statement images.

Across the top of the page:

  • Return to List - brings you back to the inbox

  • Account - Account number for the statements currently being viewed

  • Search - Allows you to search for a specific transaction using either the description or debit/credit value

  • Download - to download the data in your desired format (see here)

  • Preview File - If there are multiple files uploaded to a particular account number, you can select a particular file you want to view in the statement image

  • Delete - delete the currently viewed extraction and statement images (Caution - deleted files and extractions cannot be retrieved by us if deleted in error)

This view also shows you all the data extracted from the uploaded statements:

  • Date of transaction

  • Description

  • Debit & Credit values

  • Balance

  • Cheque Numbers (where present)

To the right is the image of the scanned statements. You can view the next/previous page using the navigation panel to the top right. You can also zoom in/out of the image and rotate the image if required.

The statements can be downloaded as a .pdf file if required also using the button to the bottom right of the page.

There is an option within the individual account details screen to switch the debit and credit values to match the desired behaviour. Once you click the Switch Debit/Credit button, the figures will swap sides i.e. debits will become credits, and vice versa.

When the transactions are downloaded in the desired format, the downloaded file will mirror the debits and credits showing on the review screen i.e. if the debit has been swapped to be a credit on the review screen, it will also show as a credit on the downloaded file.

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