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How to Delete a Company from AutoEntry
How to Delete a Company from AutoEntry

How to delete or remove a company from AutoEntry.

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If you have set up a company in error or a colleague has created a duplicate company by mistake, you can delete companies from AutoEntry.

Please note that once deleted, all invoices and data stored under that company is permanently deleted. There is no recovery after a deletion.

How to delete a company

  1. Go to Company Settings on the homepage for that company.

  2. Then click Delete Company on the right-hand side.

  3. In order to prevent accidental deletion you must confirm by ticking the box that you are aware that all files will be deleted and then select Yes, Delete Company

Please note

Once deleted, all data contained in that company is deleted. Unfortunately, even if this is done by accident, we have no way of recovering the data. While it is possible to delete a company in AutoEntry and all it's data, please confirm your local legal requirements to retain clients data. AutoEntry will not be held responsible for data lost due to a company being deleted by a user.

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