When files have been processed by AutoEntry, the extracted data can be found by clicking on the Inbox under Bank Statements.

The Inbox shows all the projects uploaded and processed by AutoEntry. They are filtered by with the most recently updated project to the top of the list. All extractions are grouped by account number under each project with each account having their own extraction.

If you can't find your specific statements, it's possible that they were uploaded to a current project and are simply at the end of the extraction in that project (projects are sub-divided by account number). If not, they might have been rejected and are in the Rejected folder. 

Page Layout

  • Project - The name of the project with an option to edit the name of the project and to delete the project. Deleting the project will delete all statements and accounts uploaded to that project.

  • Updated - The date that the project last had statements uploaded to it. 

  • View - Allows you to view the details of the extraction for that account.

  • Account - The account number for the statements uploaded.

  • Download - Allows you to download the extracted statement data.

  • Date Range/Notes - The dates of the statements processed and any notes on the extraction (e.g pages missing from the uploaded file).

  • Files - The number of individual files uploaded to the project. Click on the Download link to download the original scans again.

  • Pages - The number of statement pages processed for that bank account.

  • Trash Can - Deletes that particular bank accounts extraction.

Please note

If you delete a file or extracted data, it cannot be retrieved by us.

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