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How to Create a Contact on an Invoice
How to Create a Contact on an Invoice
Posting an invoice to a supplier/customer not currently set up in your accounts package.
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If you have an invoice that needs to be published to a supplier/customer account not yet set up in your accounting software, AutoEntry gives you the option to create a contact on the invoice.

How do I create a contact?

Once the relevant invoice has finished processing and has reached your Inbox:

  1. Click on the supplier/customer account drop-down menu and select Add Contact.

  2. A pop-up window will appear asking for the contact's details. Once these are filled in, AutoEntry creates this contact in your accounting software and publishes the invoice to it. Please note: the 'Name' field has a limit of 30 characters.

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  • If you are receiving a Failed to create contact error after completing these steps, please click here.

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