The Activity Tab provides a full record of all documents uploaded by users for each company. This article will give you an overview of the Activity page and its functionalities!

Applies To

  • Purchases, Sales, Supplier Statements, Bank Statements and Expense Reports folders on all companies.


You can access the Activity page either from your company homepage or from within any folder.

There are 2 tabs at the top of the Activity page. One for uploaded files, and files that have finished processing.


Uploaded Files


The Uploaded Files tab allows you to review:

  • The date of the upload

  • The user involved

  • How the file was uploaded (mobile app or browser)

  • A preview of the file uploaded

  • Size of file including a download link to download the original file

  • File status (uploaded/processing/ready)

  • Number of pages/items uploaded

  • Details of the upload (including a link to view the completed file when ready)


Processed Items


Under the Processed Items tab you can review:

  • View Icon to view processed invoices

  • Doc ID is AutoEntrys internal reference number for that document

  • The user who was last active

  • Brief description of the action

  • The date of the activity

  • Current status and location of the document

  • Details of the invoice

  • Link to preview the document image

For the invoice status, the 'inbox', 'archived' and 'rejected' icons are links to bring you directly to those pages.

To the top right, there are options for searching for particular items/invoices which can also be filtered by date/user/status.


Additional Information

  • Activity pages are treated as a record or audit trail of each item in AutoEntry. They are not a separate entry as such so cannot be deleted or removed from the activity pages.

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