All the details extracted from the invoice by AutoEntry and the relevant defaults applied to that supplier are displayed here in detail. All fields are editable depending on defaults chosen. The invoice detail pane on the left of the screen shows the following details:

The top section shows the main defaults from the Supplier Settings defaults

  • Supplier Name as extracted from the Invoice by AutoEntry

  • Supplier Account applied to that supplier

  • Category (nominal Account) applied to that supplier

  • Tax Code applied to that supplier

  • Date of the invoice

  • Due Date if applicable. AutoEntry defaults to the date of the invoice if not set. Due dates are not extracted from the invoice.

  • Description - AutoEntry defaults to the supplier name.

  • Type - Purchase or Sales invoice

  • Invoice # as extracted from the invoice

  • Reference - Blank by default

  • Cost Centre drop down - Application of a cost center or tracking code where applicable.

Second section contains financial detail as extracted by AutoEntry

  • Net - Total Net amount as per the invoice

  • Tax - Total tax amount

  • Total - Gross total

  • GBP drop down - showing the currency of the invoice

Add Line Items - To manually add individual Line Items

Add Tax Summary - To Manually enter a Tax Summary

Share - To share an invoice via email

Publish and Next - to Publish the current invoice and progress to the next invoice

Reject - To reject an invoice to the Rejected folder (delete)

See the separate sections for more detail on each field here.

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