Once you click into a company within AutoEntry, you will see up to five document folders - Purchases, Sales, Supplier Statements, Expenses and Bank Statements. The folders that show will be dependent on the permissions granted to you as a user.

The Purchases folder is where you would upload purchase invoices, receipts and purchase credit notes and the Sales folder is where you would submit sales invoices or sales credit notes.

The Supplier Statements is where you should upload (you guessed it) supplier statements.

The Expenses folder is where you should upload receipts/invoices that will need to be added to an expense report to be submitted for approval.

Last but not least, Bank Statements is where you can submit bank or card statements.

Click on the “+ Upload” button above the relevant folder:

This will open a new window where you can either select files directly from your computer. Alternatively, you can email the files to the unique email address set up for the relevant folder:


*Please note* - if you wish to change any of the default settings shown below, these must be selected before uploading the file to be applied successfully.

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