What figures will AutoEntry automatically re-calculate, and why?

Applies To

  • Purchase invoices.

  • Sales invoices.


If an invoice does not contain a tax amount, or if the percentage applied is not applicable for any reason, a tax summary can be manually added which will automatically calculate the tax amount for you. This is especially useful if an invoice needs to be broken down into multiple tax rates, or by line items.

When a tax code is selected, the figures in the tax summary or line items are re-grossed automatically. AutoEntry includes a running total under the line details to inform you that the totals (Net/VAT/Total) match those figures extracted from the invoice/receipt.


This will also warn you if the totals do not match:


The totals in the main header can then be updated with these figures manually.

Additional Information

AutoEntry does not re-calculate the main Net/VAT/Total in the header that was extracted from the invoice. These figures are as per the invoice extraction and can only be altered by the user. AutoEntry records the figures extracted on our databases (Net/vAT/Total) in case of errors in the future from users manually adjusting the totals.

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