Why did my duplicate invoice not get flagged by AutoEntry after it was uploaded?

Applies To

  • Purchase invoices.

  • Sales invoices.


The auto-detection of duplicate invoices sent to AutoEntry works when a supplier name, invoice date and invoice number all match.

Auto-detection can fail if the two invoices are captured with slightly different supplier names e.g "Test Ltd Agency" and "Test Ltd".

AutoEntry may also not detect if two of the same invoice have been uploaded in the same file. This is due to these being processed at the same time and so, a duplicate is not being found as existing in the system already.

Even if duplicate invoices are released in AutoEntry, this does not mean a duplicate will be entered into your accounting software. We do further checks on the supplier code when you click on the publish button.

Additional Information

  • Further information on AutoEntry's duplicate check process for invoices can be found here.

  • File Matching for Sage Accounting, QuickBooks Online and Xero can be found here.

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