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Applying Cost Centres/Tracking Categories to Invoices
Applying Cost Centres/Tracking Categories to Invoices

The steps required to allocate cost codes and tracking categories to batch uploads and individual invoices.

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Cost Center/Tracking codes (terminology differs between some accounts packages) can be added to invoices in two ways:

  • By batch when uploading the files to AutoEntry

  • Individually to each invoice after processing

When uploading invoices you can add a cost centre/tracking category to all invoices within that batch, or one by one. This saves time later having to apply them in your accounts package.

Batch Uploads

  1. Click on + Upload Document to upload files.

  2. In the upload menu, where cost centres/tracking categories are in use for that company, click on the drop-down menu to select the desired cost centre.

  3. The selected code will be applied to all invoices in that upload.

  4. After processing, the selected codes can be viewed to the far right of the page in the inbox.

Individual Invoices

  1. From the Inbox, use the drop-down menu to the far right to select the desired category (categories are listed by region in this example).

  2. It can also be done when viewing a single invoice to the right hand side, under the Reference field.

  3. For Line Items, where a tracking category is selected in the header section, all the lines on that invoice will have that tracking category applied. Also, Just like the category and/or VAT code selection, where multiple tracking categories are in use on line items or a vat summary, the drop-down menu will display Multiple in the inbox and single invoice view.

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