Relation specified incorrectly

When a company is integrated with SortMyBooks, this error can occur if the company is not set up as a supplier/sub-contractor (Purchases) or as a customer/principle contractor (Sales).

When setting up a company in SortMyBooks, there are 4 options when setting the company up for Purchases:

  • Supplier

  • Sub-Contractor

  • Employee

  • Other


SortMyBooks can only accept published purchase invoices to a company set up as either a Supplier or Sub-Contractor. To change the company setting in SortMyBooks, navigate to Supplier Settings > Financial > then change the Payee ID to Supplier or Sub-Contractor.

If you are publishing sales invoices to a customer account, the company needs to be set up as a Customer or Principal Contractor. As with a supplier, if Other is selected then SortMyBooks will not accept sales invoices.

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