You notice a spelling error in the extracted supplier/customer name field (not the supplier/customer name in the dropdown menu).

Applies To

  • Purchase invoices

  • Sales invoices


This can occur on a rare occasion where a company logo makes it difficult for AutoEntry to extract the full company name/spelling.


For companies that are integrated to an accounting package, this is not anything to worry about! When the supplier/customer account is selected via the dropdown menu, this is the account the data gets sent to and the extracted name is largely irrelevant. Its use is primarily as a guide so that you or AutoEntry (suggested Supplier) can easily select the correct supplier account.

For non-integrated companies, the supplier name can be edited in the downloaded csv sheet.

Additional Information

If you would still prefer for the extracted supplier/customer name to be corrected, please contact our Support team via webchat and a request can be put in on your behalf!

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