Don't worry! We have them!

There may however be a number of reasons why they are not in the inbox:

  • Archive folder - Has a colleague already published the invoices or were they auto published?
  • Rejected folder - Invoices couldn't be processed for a specific reason.
  • Still Processing - A banner across the top of the inbox will let you know if invoices are still processing. We expect 2-3 hours average processing time for ~50 invoices but we guarantee 24 hours turnaround maximum.
  • Check your email - in the rare event that the file uploaded couldn't be opened (corrupt/incomplete/password protected), we will send an email asking for the file to be uploaded again.

If you're still unsure please contact us through the chat bubble (Bottom Right) to speak to us.

Please include the company name the file was uploaded to and the file name. We'll trace them from there.

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