**Please Note that for the moment AutoEntry Sync is still called DocuRec Sync, This will be changed going forward.**

Error Message

Sage username 'XXXXXXX' is already in use.


Sage only allows a username to use one connection at a time. This error can happen when:

  1. AutoEntry Sync is using the same Sage login as another user, usually the manager login.

  2. AutoEntry Sync has left a connection to Sage open and is trying to create a new connection.


1. Logout of Sage

If you are using the same username as AutoEntry Sync, logout of Sage. AutoEntry Sync can now login.

2. Clear Stuck Connections

  1. Using the Sage application, login to Sage using the same username as AutoEntry Sync.
  2. If asked, choose to close the other connection.
  3. Logout of Sage again.

Also Consider

You can create a new username in Sage and configure AutoEntry Sync to use it. This will prevent AutoEntry Sync from sharing the same login with another user.

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