These email addresses are automatically generated by AutoEntry when a company is being set up using the name of the company for the address. These address can be used to email invoices (Sales or Purchases) into AutoEntry for processing. Whether as an attachment or in the body of the mail. In the below image I've entered 'xxx' as an example for the company name and AutoEntry automatically generated the 2 email addresses:

These address can be given to suppliers/vendors or external clients to send invoices directly to AutoEntry. This does not give them access to AutoEntry in any way. 

These addresses can be edited as long as the new address is not already in use on AutoEntry by another company. 

Error - Email address already in use
This error will occur if you have edited the email address generated or if the company name you have entered already exists in AutoEntry and that email address is already in use by another company. If this occurs, the following warning will appear at the top of the page to indicate that the email address is already in use: 

To correct this, all that is needed is to edit the email address in some way to make it unique (add a full stop/period, add an extra letter etc).

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