This article will demonstrate how the All People page on AutoEntry works, and what information can be viewed from it.


The All People page can be accessed via the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.

Here you will see a list of the users that are linked to your account. Along with the following:

  • Edit - the option to amend the user's permissions.

  • Email - the user's email address

  • Name - the user's full name

  • Access Level - informing you whether the user has access to all companies, or specified companies linked to your billing account

  • Status - informing you whether the user is Active on your account (i.e. they have accepted the invitation you sent them)

  • Signed Up - if the user has not yet accepted the invitation to be added to your account this will inform you of how many days are left before the invitation expires

  • Companies - the list of companies the user has access to (click the + symbol to see their full list)

Please note that names and company names have been blocked out in the example screenshot below for privacy reasons.

Additional Information

  • For a guide on adding users and setting permissions, please click here.

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