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An overview of AutoEntry's All People page.

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The All People page shows a list of all users associated with an account, and the option to edit their permissions.

How do I access All People?

The All People page can be accessed by clicking People on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

What will I see on the All People page?

Here you will see a list of the users that are linked to your account. Along with the following:

  • Edit - the option to amend the user's permissions.

  • Email - the user's email address

  • Name - the user's full name

  • Access Level - informing you whether the user has access to all companies, or specified companies linked to your billing account

  • Status - informing you whether the user is Active on your account (i.e. they have accepted the invitation you sent them)

  • Signed Up - if the user has not yet accepted the invitation to be added to your account this will inform you of how many days are left before the invitation expires

  • Companies - the list of companies the user has access to (click the + symbol to see their full list)

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