Below is a brief overview of what is meant by a soft copy invoice, how to save extracted digital copies of your invoices from AutoEntry, and a list of Revenue authorities that accept soft copies.

Applies To

  • Users uploading Purchases and Sales invoices.


Any scanned image of an invoice, receipt or statement stored electronically is referred to as a digital or soft copy. When you scan your documents into a .pdf or similar file type, that is now a soft copy.

AutoEntry splits up these files into their individual documents (invoices or statements). This is what is stored with the extracted data when you view the invoice or statement. To save a copy of the image locally simply click on the .pdf logo to the bottom right of the image. This can then be printed off locally if required also. Many Government tax or revenue offices accept digital or soft copies of invoices and statements.

Nations that currently accept soft copies:

  • Ireland

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Canada

Additional Information

Please note: This is obviously not an exhaustive list so please ensure your local tax or revenue offices accept digital invoices before destroying original hard copies or relying solely on digital copies. AutoEntry will not be held responsible for non-compliance to local regulations regarding storage of original documents. 

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