The Activity tab for Bank statements acts much like the Activity Tab for invoices. It acts as a full audit trail for all files uploaded to and processed by AutoEntry. 

Clicking into the Activity tab there's two options on the activity to view:

Uploaded Files - Shows all files their details and their status that have been uploaded to AutoEntry (Processed or not).

  • Date - Time and date of the file uploaded
  • User - User of AutoEntry that uploaded the file
  • Uploaded Via - How the files were uploaded. Currently only uploading via web browser is available for bank statements.
  • File - Name of the file uploaded. Click the name to view the file
  • Download icon - link to download and save the file to your computer
  • File Status - Current status of the file - uploaded, queue'd for processing, processing, ready or rejected.

Processed Items - Shows all the statement files that have completed processing, their details and where to find them. 

  • View icon - To view the statements in the inbox.
  • User - User that uploaded the file
  • Date - Time and date the file was completed/rejected
  • Status - Current location of the file. Either in the Inbox, Rejected or Deleted.
  • Details - Quick details of the file including the credits used for that particular job
  • Source File - link to the original file uploaded where the set of statements was uploaded within.

Note, the activity pages are effectively an audit trail of all files uploaded, processed and rejected/deleted. There is no way to delete or remove a files listing from these pages. Deleted projects/files will still show on the activity page but as the data has been deleted there's no way to view and data or source files as they are deleted also (when deleted, there is a delay of a minute or two while all connections to the statements are amended. The source file can still be viewable during this time). 

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