When using the line item feature in AutoEntry, it can sometimes be difficult to see all the fields or to fill in the fields especially if you are using a smaller screen (e.g. a Laptop) or if multiple fields are in use such as tracking categories. Some of the fields can be hidden behind the invoice image. 

We have now added the Line Item field Expand function that allows you to work on the line items full-screen rather than in the small section to the bottom left. To expand the line item field, simply click on 'Expand' to the top right of the line item section:

This opens the line items out to fill the lower half of your screen with the Invoice image zoomed in on the top half:

All the normal functionality remains (adding new line items - bottom left, tab to next field, etc). You can adjust the size of the Line Item section using the slider to the top of the line items and collapse the field back to the normal view by hitting 'Hide' to the top right. 

Don't forget, the line item description remember function and the rules feature (setting categories and settings per specific line item descriptions much like bank rules) is also available here

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