In AutoEntry we have a standard fair usage policy to help you work without disruption and to help you get the most value from your subscription. The backbone is that we give you an automatic overdraft if you're busy and roll over unused credits if you're not! 

When you take out a subscription in AutoEntry we give you a 2 month overdraft that if you use more credits than expected you can go into a minus credit balance up to 2 months' worth of your subscription level. The extra credits used (overage) are simply added to your next renewal, pro-rata. 

If you have a quieter month than expected then any unused credits roll over for a maximum of 3 months (90 Days) before they expire. 

If the maximum number of credits are used above your subscription then the account automatically freezes but, as we don't lock you into contracts or fixed period pricing, simply jump into the subscriptions section in Account Settings and add more credits. Or move up to the next level subscription while you're that busy. Don't forget the higher subscriptions have cheaper prices per credit too. 

We particularly proud of our pricing model and fair usage policy as it gives you the most freedom to work as and when you need to. 

We think that's pretty fair. 

Agree? Let us know below......

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