AutoEntry statement extraction allows the coding of transaction lines to nominal accounts before exporting to Excel/.csv or publishing to your accounting software. Primarily to for the preparation of year end accounts or catch up jobs where a P&L or Balance Sheet is of primary concern. There are two slightly different versions depending if your company on AutoEntry is Integrated to an accounts package or not.

Applies To

  • Bank Statements.


For non-integrated companies see here.

For integrated companies, integrated with QuickBooks Online, see here. Please note, if your company in AutoEntry is integrated with any other accounts package then the Fast-Code option is not available.

There are a number of external packages that we have a specific export for when using a non-integrated company outside of an Excel/.csv export:

  • CCH Accounts Production

  • Iris Accounts Production (Gross Amounts)

  • QuickBooks Desktop

For integrated companies, the 'click to publish' option only works with QuickBooks Online at present and can only work with Bank Statements, not Credit Card statements. 

Additional Information

Unlike our invoice publishing, with the bank statement export/publishing, the statement images are not included in the export. AutoEntry still stores the images in the inbox if you wish until deleted off. Once deleted, as always, they cannot be retrieved by us (AutoEntry) at a later date. See our storage policy here.

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