When the Line Item extraction has been done by AutoEntry (or where added manually by you), the integration with QuickBooks Online allows you to publish the individual lines items to specific products/services if that function is turned on in QuickBooks Online or to standard nominal accounts. The choice can be made in AutoEntry in 2 ways:

Firstly this can be set on the integration page that the default for all invoices will be for either standard Nominal account codes or for the Product/Services items. Simply make your selection on the integrations page and click save:  

If you require some invoices to use the other format, products/services over nominal account code, this can be changed per invoice using the drop down menu over the line item extraction section:

The next invoice will revert to the default chosen.

QuickBooks does not allow lines items from the same invoice to use both nominal and product codes so the line items are either one or the other. 

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