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Security of uploading invoices via email and GDPR

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It is generally understood that emails and data sent via email is not 100% secure. However, this is not necessarily the case. The latest industry standard of transporting emails from email server to email server is TLS 1.2 (we support TLS 1.2). 

If your email server supports TLS 1.2, which would be expected as TLS is a long supported industry standard (since 1999, TLS 1.2 would be the current latest version), the files are encrypted during transfer. If not, when emails are received, we encrypt them at rest, so they are not sitting in plain text on our storage system. We do not offer or support end-to-end encryption nor can we accept individually encrypted files encrypted by a third party encryption solution. 

While TLS 1.2 offers a level of security through these international standards, the security and protection of these mails and their contents, does not come under AutoEntrys' protection and security until the email/file has been received into our infrastructure. 

As such, if you have any concerns over the security of using email for uploading documents or meeting GDPRs requirements, we would recommend contacting your IT department or security manager to confirm if it meets your data security requirements. 

Again, the protection and security of email data does not come under AutoEntrys' control until it is received by AutoEntry. 

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