May Updates:

Lots of work going on here in AutoEntry Towers this month! We've released some of our biggest new features this month including our long awaited Expenses Folder. We also released our new User Permissions and User Settings feature and even more importantly, we have added the ability to remember Line Item settings, set specific line item rules and even added a few new supplier settings too.

Expenses Folder

Our new Expenses folder allows the upload of expense receipts from submitters that can be added to expense reports for approval and then publishing to your accounts package through the Purchases Inbox by your accountant/bookkeeper or account holder. We have included the ability to manually add a receipt if the paper copy was lost, add mileage expenses and included three levels of access to Expenses: Submitter, Approver and Admin levels. 

You can read more here including a quick introduction video too.

Line Item Settings and Remember/Rules function

In our new Company Suppliers page we have finished a full redesign and added new Line Item features and rules (much like bank rules for transactions in your accounting software) that will increase the automation and reduce even further the interaction required per invoice. 

Rules can now be set that specific line item descriptions or even for specific words within a description will have specific category accounts, tax code (where applicable) and even tracking categories applied automatically. 

With the new supplier settings page we've also added the functionality to set a specific currency per supplier (ideal for those suppliers where the correct currency is not readily identifiable) and also the ability to set a new default description per supplier instead of the standard supplier name. You can read more detail and see an introduction video on the page below:
Line Item features

User Permissions and User Settings

We've now added the ability to set and/or restrict user permissions in AutoEntry so that you can control the level of access a particular user has. Whether it's a restriction to a particular folder or for access to the Expenses module, you can control what users can or cannot see and access. 

When adding a new user (inviting a user) you can also set if you want to add them to all the companies on your account (Account Level) or to one particular company and even set the level of access they have within that account/company too. A set of permissions can even be saved as a template that you can easily apply to users as you add them. The link below has a fuller explanation and a run through video of the features with the user permissions:
User Permissions

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