In our new Company Suppliers page we have finished a full redesign and added new Line Item features and rules (much like bank rules for transactions in your accounting software) that will increase the automation and reduce even further the interaction required per invoice. 

To get to the Company Suppliers page simply click on the suppliers button on the  company home page: 

This page now shows a full list of all suppliers pulled through from your integrated accounts package or added manually for non-integrated companies. It shows at a glance the number of invoices for each supplier in the inbox or archived folders. The currency attached to that supplier (new), the category and vat code (where applicable) and if auto-publish is on for that supplier too:

Now you can click into each supplier individually to select the settings per supplier too: 

And navigate through further settings and rules through the tabs across the top of the page:

With the new design, not only are categories and tax codes remembered per supplier but you can also remember these settings (including tracking categories) per line item and even create rules that apply certain settings/categories when those rules have been met. 

This now allows far more automated and pre-set analysis to be applied to regular invoices from your regular suppliers.

We have help pages covering each of these additional features below:

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