This article will give you an overview of AutoEntry's User Permission templates. These can be used in an instance where you have set up user permissions and would like to save a common set of permissions to later quickly assign to different users without having to remember them or manually select the individual settings each time. The templates will help streamline the access you allow to various user groups using AutoEntry.

Applies To

  • Any AutoEntry account-holder who is looking to add other users to their account, and have specific permissions allocated to them based on their relationship to you.


After inviting a user, set the permissions for that level of user (e.g Sales level user, invited bookkeeper, colleague etc.). You can then save these settings as a template for that user:

  1. Click Templates to the right hand side of the screen.

  2. To Save a new set of permissions as a new template simply enter a name for that template (think of it as a user level) and click Save. There are 2 default templates there at all times that can be used also.

  3. To apply a saved template to a new user, simply click Apply for the template you wish to use and those saved permissions are applied automatically.

  4. To exit the template window simply click on the 'x' to the top right to close.
    As templates are selected the settings are saved immediately, there is no 'Save' button!

Additional Information

  • Our full guide on adding users and setting permissions can be found here.

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