April Updates: 

We've had a big update to our AutoEntry phone app that is available this week* for both iOS and Android users. A couple of widely requested features from you and a body of work in the background in preparation for some great new additions coming in the next few months too. 


  • Ask and you shall receive! Yes, we have been asked many times and sales invoices are now available to upload through the app. When you select the company you want to upload to, you'll then have the option of selecting the purchases or sales folder:


  • The app now supports the use of 2 tracking categories where 2 are available. We've also added the correct naming to these categories to avoid confusion. Note, tracking categories cannot be added when fast mode is used. 


  • Your receipts and your receipts only! Now, when users log into the app they'll only see the invoices/receipts that they uploaded themselves to a particular company. No more visibility of receipts uploaded by colleagues or external clients. If you have not snapped or uploaded any images then there'll be nothing visible for that company:

Bye Bye Bugs!!!

  • We have been busy with the bug spray too! The usual fixes, updates and 'experience and performance improvements' have come from us hitting the server with a hammer.
  • iOS Specific: We've improved the optimisation for use with the iPhone X. It's screen and camera format is proving tricky to tame so we've a few more improvements to come soon too. 
  • Android Specific: We've fixed the login/connection error effecting users running below Android v5.0
  • Due for release April 24th - 25th 2018 depending on the various app stores setting it live.

In the AutoEntry Web App, we've added a few new features too in case you were not aware:

  • We've added an extra duplicate check at time of upload that you can also force the file through to continue processing if you think AutoEntry has marked it as duplicate in error! See here
  • 2-step authentication. Available per user first with more improvements on the way. only note is that the phone app does not support it just yet so the app will not be available if 2-step is activated. More info Here
  • QuickBooks Online users can now assign line items to products/services or nominal accounts. 

And of course, don't forget our other great features.... Line item expanded view, PO Matching, Auto-Publish, Fast coding bank statements and more! 

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