When integrated with QuickBooks Online or Xero you can now add customers to invoices that the invoice now becomes a billable expense for that customer when publishing invoices through to QuickBooks Online or Xero (sometimes known as on-charging, on-billing, recharging or reimbursable). There's some specifics for QuickBooks Online and Xero below too.

Here's a quick run through:


To use billable expenses, simply check the box on the integration page in AutoEntry (Disconnect and re-connect if the option is not there):

Then, very simply, use the drop down menu in the view invoice page to select the customer you wish to add the invoice as the billable customer: 

QuickBooks Online and Xero treatment of Billable Expenses:

QuickBooks Online:
QuickBooks Online adds the customer as the billable customer to the Bill: 

When a sales invoice is created for that customer you can select which expense is to be added to that invoice from the expenses panel to the right. The expenses panel appears automatically when there are expenses available to be billed.

In AutoEntry there's also the option of whether or not you want the invoice/expense to be fully billed to the customer:

Checking it as billable will complete the process as above. Leaving it unchecked adds the expense to the customer without adding the charge to their account. Essentially allowing project tracking for per customer.

Xero marks the invoice automatically as a billable expense and adds the customer to be billed in the description field: 

When a Sales invoice is created for that customer you simply click on the link for the available billable expenses and select the relevant expenses to be added to that invoice:

And that's it! Do let us know below if this article was helpful. 

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