After adding a new user, they'll get an automatic invite from AutoEntry a few minutes later to follow the link in the mail and create their own log in*. If your invitee claims not to have seen the invite (ahem!) you can re-send the invite through AutoEntry. 

Simply click on the 'View People' section either for the company you invited them too or 'All People' to the top right of the page. Scroll to the invitee on the list to the left and under the Status column you can click to resend the invite: 

With the full enforcement of the EU GDPR regulations we must be able to justify holding data of an invitee or client. For an ongoing customer of AutoEntry, obviously, we need your contact details. However, for an invitee that is not a customer nor activates their account, AutoEntry automatically deletes the invite and their details after 30 days: 

During this period, AutoEntry sends out 2x automatic reminder mails to sign up before the 30 day deadline. If an invitee still has not signed up, they can be re-invited as often as it takes until they click on the link! 

*NOTE* - if the invitee already has an AutoEntry account (as a subscriber or already invited to another company), no invite mail is sent out as they are already signed up. They simply log in and the new company is on their homepage automatically. 

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