With the enforcement of the most boring legislation known to man, GDPR, we have enacted a 30 day data retention of invited users before deleting that invited user, if they have not accepted the invite. 

Once invited, the invitee receives the invite automatically via email to follow the link in the mail and sign up. If this is not done, AutoEntry sends out 2x further mails after 15 days and 25 days to alert the invitee that the invite is about to expire. After 30 days of not accepting the invite, AutoEntry deletes that invitees data completely. 

On the 'People' page in AutoEntry you'll immediately see who has or has not accepted the invite and how long is left: 

Of course you can re-invite the invitee as often as you have the patience for it! Or just hit them with a big stick! 

*NOTE* - if the invitee already has an AutoEntry account (as a subscriber or already invited to another company), no invite mail is sent out as they are already signed up. They simply log in and the new company is on their homepage automatically. 

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