Once AutoEntry has completed the extraction of your statement data (bank statements, credit card statements and even PayPal statements), it's extremely easy to get that data into Xero. No formatting, editing, manipulation or any intervention at all is required!

Applies To

  • Xero users that upload Bank Statements to AutoEntry for extraction.


Here is a quick video overview of the process:

Here are the steps you will need to follow to import your extracted Statement data into Xero:

  1. In the Bank Statements inbox in AutoEntry, select the account you wish to use.

  2. Click 'Download' and select the Xero option (UK and US date formats available).

  3. In Xero, open the Accounts tab, select Bank Accounts and then the Manage Account button beside the account you are importing the data to.

  4. Select the 'Import a Statement' option.

  5. Click 'Browse' to select the statement data file you just downloaded from AutoEntry.

  6. On the next page click 'Save' and that's it! 

No editing or formatting or any intervention is required by you at all. Nice and easy.

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