Once you've uploaded your scanned bank statement pages and AutoEntry has completed the extraction it takes only a few clicks to get that data into QuickBooks Online. 

In your statements inbox, simply click on download for the statements you wish to import to QuickBooks Online and select the 'Web Connect File' option:

A pop up window appears to confirm the details. The account number is populated automatically and all you need to confirm is the currency is correct. The other fields are for importing to QuickBooks Desktop and can be ignored for QuickBooks Online.

The file downloads automatically to your PC.

In Quick Books Online, click on the 'Banking' section and to the top right click on 'File Upload': 

From here, simply select the file you wish to upload by browsing to it as normal and click 'Next' in the bottom right. Confirm the account you're uploading to on the right hand side of the next screen and click 'Next' again and 'Let's Go!' on the last screen (there's nothing to check or confirm on the last screen)

And that's it! 

All those transactions are now for review in Quick Books Online where you can confirm and match the recognised transactions and add/accept as normal. 

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