The integration between AutoEntry and Bill.com allows you to use AutoEntry for the full capture of your invoices/bills and then publish them directly to Bill.com for payment whereby Bill.com with then publish them through to your accounting package as normal.

Applies To

  • At the moment, this feature is only available to USA/Canadian companies.


Firstly, here is a short video which goes through the process of integrating your AutoEntry company with Bill.com.

To connect to Bill.com, have a separate tab open where you are logged into your Bill.com account already then simply click on the integration button on the company homepage then on the Other Integrations tab at the top and click connect for Bill.com. 

AutoEntry requires a Token from your Bill.com account to complete the integration:

  1. Follow the link on the page to create a new token.

  2. The Token link is to the bottom right of the settings page.

  3. You can rename the Token to refer to AutoEntry if you prefer (Bill.com will auto suggest a name anyway).

  4. Copy and paste the name into AutoEntry and on the next screen.

  5. Copy and paste the Token Password into AutoEntry also.

  6. Click Connect.

And that's it! You've integrated with Bill.com and can start publishing your invoices directly to Bill.com for payment.

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