The integration between AutoEntry and Bill.com allows you to use AutoEntry for the full capture of your invoices/bills and then publish them directly to Bill.com for payment whereby Bill.com with then publish them through to your accounting package as normal. This integration works alongside your regular integration with your accounts package or can be used alone.

Applies To

  • At the moment, this feature is only available to clients in the USA.


Firstly, to integrate with Bill.com see here.

Once the integration is complete you can now publish your invoices/bills that require payment to Bill.com and publish the rest as normal direct to your accounts package. AutoEntry syncs with Bill.com all the supplier and nominal accounts just like with your accounts packages.

For any invoice/bill, simply click on the drop down menu for the supplier account and select the relevant supplier. The Bill.com accounts are highlighted with a little Bill.com 'B'. Selecting a Bill.com account will publish the invoice through to Bill.com. Selecting a regular supplier account will publish the invoice through to your normal accounts package. 

Select the relevant nominal account as normal (there's no difference in the menu here) and select if you want to remember these selections for this supplier. 

The Tracking Categories will appear (if in use) to the right on the list view and in the main header information on the single invoice view. These will display either the Tracking Categories for your accounts package or the Categories for Bill.com (set up on the integration page here) depending on your selection of the supplier account. 

Once published, the Bill.com icon will appear under the publish button and the invoice/bill will be stored as normal in your archive folder for future retrieval. 

Additional Information

  • If you used the Mark as Paid feature previously in AutoEntry when publishing invoices/bills, this feature is disabled when publishing to Bill.com as it is going to be paid and processed through Bill.com instead.

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