Auto-Matching allows you to have AutoEntry match invoices and bills already processed by AutoEntry to those on a supplier/vendor statement. 

Firstly, select the relevant supplier or vendor account. This must be the same supplier as the invoices will have been assigned when they were originally processed through the Purchases folder. 

If two different suppliers have been selected for the invoices, auto-matching will not be available. However, you will still be able to do a manual match if you wish via the Find-Match option.

The auto-matching can only be performed if the invoice number, invoice date and the invoice amount is an exact match with an invoice in the purchases folder. If any of the above three differ, the manual match option can still be used. You can broaden the search there to find the invoices required. For example, searching for invoices plus or minus a few days. 

Click here for more information on manual matching. 

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