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Supplier Statements Find-Match
Supplier Statements Find-Match
Auto-Match didn't find the invoice or bill you were expecting? You can match it manually instead!
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In the case that AutoEntry has not been able to Auto-Match with an invoice within the Purchases folder, you can manually search and reconcile with an invoice.

Applies To

  • This feature would be used in the case that an invoice has been issued a couple of days earlier/later than stated on the supplier statement, or if the total or the invoice number is not an exact match on the supplier statement to what the invoice states.

  • Possible in the case of partial fulfilment and the supplier statement corrects the payment due.

How does this work?

Once you select Find Match, the manual search screen will pop up.

From this screen, you can set different thresholds to broaden the search to find a matching invoice. All invoices that meet these criteria that are found will show on this screen for you to choose from and to match with.

Additional Information

  • A dedicated guide on Auto-Matching statements can be found here.

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