We're back with some GREAT new features being added to AutoEntry. We've been hammering away at feature updates and new features to add in the background and after all the testing and confirming here's what we've got this month....

Bank Statement Fetching

For the US market we have a new additional integration for Bank Statement Fetching. Now AutoEntry can fetch your statements and store them under our new File Management feature where you can view/download them for AutoEntry to extract the data or for your own file storage. You can find out more here

File Management

A great new addition to the home page on each company is our file management tool. You can add folders and upload the files you need particularly handy for sharing documents between you and your accountant for example or keeping client files close to all their AutoEntry data.

Supplier/Vendor Statements

A brand new folder on your homepage that has moved the Sales folder onto the second line is Supplier Statements. AutoEntry can now accept and extract all the data from your supplier or vendor statements and automatically reconcile them to the invoices already in your purchases inbox or archive folder. 

Manually checking and re-checking your invoices against a supplier statement? Confirming statement totals versus invoices already published and paid? Or simply trying to confirm a supplier account is up to date and everything accounted for? That's the end of that! Read more here and let AutoEntry look after this very manual task for you. 

Don't forget to check out our other previous updates here and keep checking back as we have more to come. 

Not only that, we work on smaller updates all the time. If you have a feature in mind that you think will make AutoEntry even better, do please let us know. We have an active customer feature request list that we use to analyse, plan and schedule the features that we build. We're always listening. Just pop a message to us via the web chat (the blue bubble to the bottom right of the screen) and consider it added! 

Thank you again for your custom from all of us here in AutoEntry. 

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