The specified stock GL account code does not exist or is not a Posting account. Please create it first before attempting to use it.

This error occurs when the Item Default option is not available in your AccountsIQ Default Settings: 


This error needs to be resolved by AccountsIQ support. Please do the following when contacting them:

  1. Take a screenshot of the Default Settings page in the relevant AccountsIQ company showing how the Item Defaults option (highlighted above) is not present.

  2. Email this screenshot to AccountsIQ support noting how the Item Defaults option is not available. Also note which Sales and Purchase Accounts you'd like them to assign as 'defaults' for new Items (otherwise just ask for any available GL Account and you can update them yourself later).

3. Once fixed, go to the Integration page on AutoEntrt and re-sync your AccountsIQ data. You can then publish the invoices again, and the error message should clear once it successfully transfers over to AIQ.

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