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Fetched Document Processing - Auto-Submit Function
Fetched Document Processing - Auto-Submit Function

How to set up Auto-Submit processing for fetched documents.

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The Auto-Submit function allows you to automatically send every fetched document from a supplier or bank for processing. They will then appear in your Purchases inbox once complete.

This can be set up at either an individual supplier level or bank folder level within your File Management folder.

How does Auto-Submit work?

You can access the Auto-Submit function by navigating to either the Bank or Supplier Feeds folder within File Management via your company homepage.

From there, you will see your bank/supplier folders list. Click the Auto-Submit button to open its Settings menu.

When turning on Auto-Submit for a supplier, you also have the option of turning on Line Item Extraction for that supplier. Remember to click Save once you have selected the option! You can also come back to this setting at any time and switch off Auto-Submit by unticking the box, and clicking Save.

After saving the Auto-Submit settings, the status will show a green lightning bolt icon. Hovering over the icon will display the line item option's selection.

  • If line item extraction was not turned on at the point of setting up Auto-Submit, the icon will say Capture Line Items: Off.

  • If line item extraction was turned on, the icon will say Capture Line Items: On.

After the Auto-Submit setting is switched on, all future supplier/bank documents fetched into that folder will automatically be added to the Activity page of the company's Purchases/Bills folder for processing. Once finished processing, the documents can be viewed in the Purchases/Bills folder's Inbox as normal.

Additional Information

  • Auto-Submit will only apply to documents fetched after the option has been switched on; it will not work retrospectively. Any document already existing within the folder at the point of switching on Auto-Submit can still be manually submitted via the Submit function.

  • Auto-Submit settings remain editable after the function has been switched on. To update them, simply click the Auto-Submit button again and follow the same steps as above.

  • Documents that are submitted or being processed cannot be deleted until the extraction is ready and in your inbox.

Regarding the Capture Line Items Setting:

  • If line item extraction is not turned on, one credit will be charged per document processed.

  • If the line item extraction is turned on, two credits will be charged per document processed.

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