The Auto-Submit function is available against individual supplier or bank account folder(s) that have been created within File Management as part of Document Fetching.

The function allows the user to decide, at an individual supplier or bank folder-level, to automatically send for processing all documents fetched to those folders.

'Auto-Submit' will only apply to documents fetched after the option has been turned on i.e. it will not work retrospectively (any document already existing within the folder at the point of turning on 'Auto-Submit' can still be manually submitted via the 'Submit' function).

The 'Auto-Submit' button will be available on every supplier folder that has been created as part of Document Fetching.
The specific directory for a folder will be File Management / Root Folder / Document Fetching / Suppliers (as shown in the example below):

Once the user clicks the 'Auto-Submit' button, a prompt will open where the user can choose to process all future documents fetched into this folder either with or without line items.

  • If the line item extraction is not turned on, one credit will be charged per document processed

  • If the line item extraction is turned on, two credits will be charged per document processed

After saving the 'Auto-Submit' settings, the status will show as a green ‘lightning bolt’ icon. Hovering over the icon will display the line item selection i.e. if line items were not turned on at the point of setting up ‘Auto-Submit’, the icon will say 'Capture Line Items: Off', and if the line items were turned on, the icon will say 'Capture Line Items: On'.

These 'Auto-Submit' settings remain editable after the function has been turned on – to update them simply click the ‘Auto-Submit’ button again and follow the same prompts.

All future supplier document(s) fetched into this folder will be added to the ‘Activity’ page of the company’s main Purchases folder (‘Bills’ for US/Canada), where the progress of the processing can be followed. Once processed, these documents will present themselves in the Purchases Inbox as normal.

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