Document Fetching Setup: Client-Setup
A guide to how your client can set up Document Fetching in AutoEntry without having an AutoEntry account
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Document Fetching allows you to automatically sync and download supplier and/or bank documents into AutoEntry.

This article will go through the steps required to set this feature up, where the owner of the supplier and/or bank account does not have access to the relevant company in AutoEntry, (or is not an AutoEntry user) e.g. your accountant/client.

Note: Where the owner of the supplier and/or bank account(s) already has access to the relevant company in AutoEntry, refer to the self-setup guide.

How do I set up Document Fetching on behalf of a client?

To set up Document Fetching on behalf of your client, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Integrate page; the button is located on the left-hand side of your company homepage.

  2. On this page, you will see 2 tabs at the top - click on the Other Integrations tab, and next to Document Fetching, click Open.

  3. Once you click + Add Supplier/Bank, you can facilitate a non-AutoEntry user (i.e. a client) to set up their supplier and/or bank accounts using either of the two 'Share Link' options on the 'Document Fetching - Browse Suppliers/Banks' page.

  • The Share Link option allows you to send a setup link from a single supplier/bank account to your client.

  • The Share Browser option allows you to send the full 'Browse Supplier/Banks' collection to your client, where they can then search for and set up the supplie/bank account.

For both options, simply enter the client's email address (and an optional note if you would like), and an email will ve sent to the client containing the link with information on how to proceed with the setup. The process for the client is documented in full here.

Note: For security reasons, the shared link will expire after 24 hours from when it was originally activated. When a link expires (or is manually deactivated - see below), the resulting webpage will display a message “Document Fetching setup link expired” and a note that a new one can be requested from the original sender (you!). To generate a new link simply select the same 'Share Link' option again. 

The 'Deactivate Link’ option (the "x" icon found beside all 'Share Link' options) will permanently deactivate the link that had been shared with the client – it should only be required on an occasion where the link has mistakenly been shared with the incorrect client contact.

  1. The first 'Deactivate Link' option will deactivate the link for the single supplier/bank account sent to the client.

  2. The second 'Deactivate Link' option will deactivate the full 'Browse Suppliers/Banks' modal sent to the client.

Additional Information

Please note that the following limitations apply to free trial users:

  • The 'Share Link' options (described above) are disabled.

  • Free trial accounts can have only one active supplier/bank connection at a time.

These limitations will be lifted once a subscription or bulk purchase of credits is made.

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