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How to set up your own Document Fetching in AutoEntry

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Document Fetching allows you to automatically sync and download supplier and/or bank documents into AutoEntry.

This article will go through the steps required to set this feature up, where the owner of the supplier and/or bank account has access to the relevant company in AutoEntry.

Note: Where the owner of the supplier and/or bank account(s) does not have access to the relevant company in AutoEntry (or is not an AutoEntry user) e.g. your accountant/client, please refer to the client-setup guide.

How do I set up Document Fetching?

To set up Document Fetching, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Integrate page; the button is located on the left hand side of your company homepage.

  2. On this page you will see 2 tabs at the top - click on the Other Integrations tab, and next to Document Fetching, click Open.

  3. Once you click +Add Supplier/Bank, a Browse Suppliers/Banks screen will open. From here, you can search or filter to find the relevant supplier/bank to fetch from.

  4. Search Supplier/Bank Name is where you can enter the relevant supplier/bank's name. Filter by Category and Filter by Country allows you to filter the search results by suppliers or banks, and by home country.

  5. Once you have searched and identified a supplier/bank, click Connect Supplier/Connect Bank.

  6. You will then be prompted to enter the username and password associated with your supplier/bank's online account.

  7. The Include historical documents from the drop-down menu allows you to choose between fetching the last 30 days, or the entire available history of supplier/bank documents.

  8. Once the username and password have been entered, and the historical period has been selected, click Connect.

  9. You will then be brought back to the main screen where the status message will indicate that the login details are being verified. This verification should take around 1-2 minutes (although it can take longer for varying reasons listed here).

When the connection is established, the initial fetch will be executed (and the status message will update to “System fetching complete”), and a subsequent automatic weekly fetch will be performed (unless the connection is disconnected).

Note: The supplier/bank may request an additional 2-step authentication (security questions, etc.) In this case, the status message Authentication requested - Complete authentication now will display.

The user has the ability to view and/or edit the existing connection(s), and add new supplier/bank connection(s) via the same Document Fetching section.

The following actions are available in Document Fetching:

  • +Add Supplier/Bank - create a new supplier/bank connection.

  • Disconnect All - disconnect all of the existing fetching connections.

  • Fetch Documents (Force) (green button) - 'force' a fetch for that particular supplier/bank connection (i.e. outside of the automatic weekly sync).

  • Update Credentials (black button) - update your online account details for that particular supplier/bank connection.

  • Delete Connection (red button) - delete the fetching connection for that particular supplier/bank.

To see where the fetched documents are stored when downloaded, and how to send them for processing within AutoEntry, please see the link here.

Additional Information

  • Please note that free trial accounts can only have one active supplier/bank connection at a time. This limitation will be lifted once a subscription or bulk purchase of credits is made.

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