Note: This guide is for clients of accountants where the accountants use AutoEntry to help manage the client's accounts.
Where the owner of the supplier and/or bank account(s) already has access to the relevant company in AutoEntry, refer to the
self-setup guide.

A new feature of AutoEntry called ‘Document Fetching’ allows your accountant to connect their AutoEntry account with your supplier and/or bank account(s) so that they can automatically sync and download your supplier and/or bank documents, and thus streamline the whole accountant-client workflow. AutoEntry Document Fetching supports almost 6,000 suppliers and banks across 60 countries worldwide.

To set up this solution, your accountant requires you to enter your supplier and/or bank credentials into a secure AutoEntry form as a one-time exercise. An email containing a link will be sent by your accountant - this link will direct you to either a single specific supplier/bank account or the full Document Fetching portal (where you can decide what accounts to set up Document Fetching for). The link allows all of this to be done without logging into AutoEntry.

A few important notes before going any further:

  1. No confidential information is accessible through the account list in the link – information entered here is encrypted, stored securely and used only to access your online supplier and/or bank account(s) on a regular basis and/or on-demand for the sole purpose of your accountant to use in their AutoEntry account. Your accountant can provide further information about this service.

  2. For security reasons the link provided to you will expire in 24 hours from when it is originally activated by your accountant. When a link expires (or if manually deactivated by your accountant), the resulting web-page will display a message “Document Fetching setup link expired” (together with the email address of the accountant who activated the link). In this situation contact the accountant in question and they can simply generate a new one for you.

Your accountant can send you two types of link:

a. Link to single specific supplier/bank account:
Where your accountant sends a link to a single specific supplier/bank account, you will be brought directly to that supplier/bank account's 'Connect' screen - simply enter the username and password associated with the supplier/bank online account.

b. Link to full Document Fetching portal:
Where your accountant sends a link to the full Document Fetching portal, you will be brought to a “live version” of the Document Fetching setup page. The same screen is available to your accountant in AutoEntry, and supplier/bank accounts that you add will be instantly reflected there. You will find instructions on how to proceed with setting up Document Fetching at the top of the page. When you have located a supplier/bank account to connect to, you will be brought to that supplier/bank account's 'Connect' screen (as per a above).

Once you enter the username and password associated with the supplier/bank online account and press "Connect", you will be brought to the main status screen which will indicate that the login details are being verified – this verification should take 1-2 minutes. Note that the supplier/bank may request an additional “2-step” authentication (security questions, tokens etc), in which case the status message “Authentication requested - Complete authentication now” will display. When the connection is established, the initial fetch will be executed (and the status message will update to “Initial fetching complete”), and a subsequent automatic weekly fetch will be performed (unless the connection is disconnected).

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