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Purchase Order Matching for QuickBooks Online and Xero
Purchase Order Matching for QuickBooks Online and Xero

How to match an invoice within AutoEntry to a Purchase Order within QuickBooks Online and Xero

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For companies integrated with QuickBooks Online and Xero, there is an option to match processed invoices within AutoEntry to Purchase Orders (PO's) already existing in the accounting software.

How do I sync my PO's to AutoEntry?

Firstly, please ensure that the Supplier Account is selected on the invoice. Once done, in the single invoice view, simply click on the Sync icon to the right of the PO field to sync the available PO's through to AutoEntry.

This action will pull through a list of all open PO's for the selected supplier and populate the drop-down menu. Simply click on the drop-down to select the relevant PO you want to match the invoice to.

If the PO selected does not match the total amount on the invoice, a notification will pop up to alert you. The invoice can still be successfully associated with the PO within the accounting software.

Once the invoice is published through to the accounting software, both the PO and the invoice will have a note or a memo attached to reference the matching.

Within QuickBooks Online

The memo within the bill/expense details will note the PO that the invoice has been matched with.

Once an invoice is matched with the PO, the PO will be marked as closed and the memo within the PO itself will note the invoice that the PO has been matched, and closed with.

Within Xero

The History & Notes section will note the PO that the invoice has been matched with.

The PO itself will be marked as billed, and the History & Notes section will show the invoice that the PO has been matched with.

AutoEntry users are also able to match an invoice with multiple PO's within QuickBooks Online and Xero. The sequence of events of matching multiple PO's to a single invoice is similar to matching an invoice to a single PO. The multiple PO's will automatically be marked as billed (Xero) or closed (QuickBooks Online), and a note (Xero) or a memo (QuickBooks Online) will be available for the PO's and the invoice itself.

AutoEntry users will not be able to match multiple invoices to a single PO since the PO does get closed/billed once it is matched with a single invoice, even if the amount of the invoice does not fully fulfil the PO.

Please note

Due to API limitations for QuickBooks Online and Xero, the PO matching feature within AutoEntry is not identical to the feature available within the accounting software.

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